Motorbike hire – Terms & Conditions

I . Payment & Reimbursement

1.1. We accept payment in cash, via international/domestic credit or debit cards, Paypal, NEFT, wire transfer and using Payumoney as well where you can deposit the Security amount in INR, USD or GBP at the current exchange rates only. Security deposit cannot be paid in cash only!

1.2. The rental along with Security deposit will be paid in advance only.

1.3. BOOKING FEE PER BIKE- 50% of total invoice excluding taxes (if applicable) which is then deducted from the rental charge. Has this been sent by Western Union, direct bank deposit or cash to secure the booking? Until we receive this payment, the bike hire is not confirmed. All the transaction fees (if applicable) charged by the bank or payment merchant (4-5% if using Paypal or 2-3% if using Payumoney) has to be bear by the client only. In case of any refund or reimbursement of rental, 15% of the total amount will be charged as processing and handling fees !

1.4. All the rates mentioned on the website or sent via email is applicable only for minimum 3 days hire and for outstation travel only. For local use, you can hire the vehicle for less than 3 days as well but with the fixed 150 KM’s limit per day! Three days rental will be charged if exceeded then the fixed per day limit.

1.5. Now you can also opt for the ‘Pay after delivery’ by visiting our workshop directly and hire the available models after checking them thoroughly!

1.6. SECURITY BOND, FOR A 350CC BIKE IS FROM RS 1,000/- to RS 15,000/- AND A 500CC BIKE IT IS FROM RS 5,000/- to RS 20000/- depending upon the variant you choose
– This is paid on the day that you collect the bike.
– It can be in any currency (not travelers’ cheque’s).
– It is held in safe keeping until you return the bike in good working condition.

– This is paid on the day you collect the bike, less the advanced booking fee. It is NOT paid at the end of the journey or deducted from the security bond.

1.8. If the bike has any problem, please inform us and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can. If this is likely to take some time we will do our best to offer you an alternative bike for this period. We will try to make it the same bike as your rental but we cannot guarantee this.
The cost to fix the bike will be on your account if those problems are due to:
– You have an accident.
– You accidentally drop the bike resulting in broken parts or damage to the engine.
– You don’t check the engine oil level, air in the tyres often enough, which causes flat tyres.
– You get the bike fixed somewhere without our knowledge or approval.

1.9. 6% handling fee (of total rental as mentioned in the BCV for bikes or accessories/gears, if hired) will be charged in case of any changes in the ‘Booking Confirmation Voucher’ such as dates, model or pick up/dropping location. No changes will be allowed and entertained in the discounted bookings!

We reserve the right to deny any request for changes in Booking Confirmation Voucher.

1.10. Flat 15% TAC (travel agent commision) on Motorbike rental and tours is applicable for the registered travel agencies and agents only! Same can be avail only for the clients not for the employees or any person associated with the travel agencies or agents.

1.11. VEHICLE CHOICE: Please ensure you choose an alternative vehicle, sometimes events beyond our control may make your first choice unavailable (e.g. breakdown or accident etc). We will make endeavour to ensure you receive your preferred choice. You can select the IInd preferred model within 10 days from the booking date else we hold the rights to upgrade your booking with any of the available models!

II. Refund Policy
All confirmed rental reservations are non-refundable, unless specified under that of the Reservation Cancellation Protection guidelines (see below). There are no refunds for the early return of bikes.

III. Reservation Cancellation Protection (RCP)
By purchasing RCP (20% of the total rental and should be bought at the time of booking confirmation), you’re entitled to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund for the following cases:
– Sudden severe medical condition suffered by customer that prevents travel (certified medical doctor’s notice is required).
– Pregnancy of customer (Doctor’s notice is required).
– Death of customer, or immediate family member of customer (Spouse, Child, Brother, Sister, or Parent). Valid proof is required.
– Unexpected draft of deployment of customer to Armed forces (Verification required). You claim must be received by Stoneheadbikes 72 hours before the scheduled pickup time.
– In any other case, if approved by us against valid cancellation proofs; minimum 50% of the rental has to be paid by the client. No discounts will be applicable on the cancelled bike!
– For pricing and more details, please speak to your account representative.

IV. Delivery and Collection

4.1. We can arrange to deliver / collect the bike from any place that you wish. This service will be free of charge if the location is within East Delhi. Pick up and dropping at your doorstep is available only for minimum 5 days hire.

4.2. The delivery / collection fee for any location outside of the East Delhi stated in 2.1. will be charged at 300 INR to 750 INR per bike per delivery / collection. This fee is to cover taxi fare for the delivery agent and does not accrue as profit to StoneheadBikes. In case of delivery, client has to pay the delivery charges along with 100% rental in advance.

4.3. All deliveries and collections need to take place during working hours (10:00 am to 06:30 pm) if we are forced to collect any bike outside of these hours or from a third party we reserve the right to withhold the deposit as stated in 7.2. below. In case of delivery, final settlement will be done when we receive the bike at our workshop only. Security deposit will be refunded after deducting the damage expenses (if any) through NEFT or Paypal only.

4.4. Now you can pick up and drop the bike anywhere in India providing you have to pay the transportation cost plus the idle days rental spent during the transit. This does not accrue any profit to the Stoneheadbikes therefore we will not be responsible for any delay in delivery or enroute damages. You need to pay the transportation cost directly to the vendor where idle days rental has to be paid at the time of bike pick up from our workshop. As soon as we receive the bike at our workshop, we will send you the final damage/settlement report and initiate the security refund within 48 hr’s. In case of any major damages, the security refund will be done post rectification only.

4.5. Bikes can be collected / returned to our mechanic at any time during working hours (10:00 am to 06:30 pm). However, it is important that you notify us beforehand so that we can prepare the mechanic.

V. Service and Repair

5.1. We provide a free service for all bikes every month. Please take the bike to one of our mechanics to get it done. We require the bike to be serviced every two months and will not be liable for any repairs necessary due to lack of maintenance or washing of the bike. The workshop is open from 10am to 06:30 pm (except Sunday’s) and in case you need help explaining the nature of the work required, you can call us to help you.

5.2. If the keys are lost and you require a set of replacement keys we can arrange for them to be sent to you. We will try to do this as quickly as we can but it will be at our convenience. We will also charge you 1000 INR + travel fare to provide a new set of keys.

5.3. In case of any en-route mechanical issue, you can call our mechanic at 919711037060 (Hindi) or 918800371553 (English) for any online support or assistance. You can also call us to check the spare parts or labor cost (if required). In case of any major fault, you can provide us your location to look for a nearest service station (if available).

On-road mechanical support is only available on request and at extra charges only. Please speak to your account representative to know the pricing and should be opted at the time of reservation only as it takes minimum 2-3 business working days to get it activated through our associated partner. For Himalayan, on-road mechanical support is already included in the price.

5.4. Client has to service the hired vehicle after every 1000-1200 KM’s. Receipts from a licensed motor vehicle service center must be produced as the minimum evidence of servicing. Further penalties apply if it appears the bike and particularly the engine has suffered as a result of negligent servicing. And also 1550 INR (for Engine oil & service labor cost) + faulty parts cost will be deducted from the security deposit. In case of any reimbursement, the expense cost should be pre-approved by us and will be paid on your return and as per the actual cost only.

Please note that this is dependent on our schedule. We will help you as quickly as we can but we have to serve customers who have made a prior appointment first as a matter of general etiquette.

5.5. Mechanical warranty covers Tyres, entire electrical components including ignition switch, complete wiring, disk assembly, Engine crank shaft with bearings, clutch plates and battery.

– Mechanical warranty does not cover anything which is not mentioned in the inclusions.

– Mechanical warranty is not applicable on the discounted rental!

– Mechanical warranty is not applicable if bikes reserved through third party or our partner websites!

– Mechanical warranty is not applicable if we found that the bike has been ridden negligently and without recommended routine check up’s and servicing. And also rider and pillion on a 350 or less CC bike is not recommended and warranty will not be applicable if we found that the issues has been occurred due to the overweight.

– Reimbursement will be made only for the parts covered under the warranty not for the labor, consumables used such as packings, oil, filter,etc.

5.6. Please let us know if you have a flat tyre. We are sometimes able to fix this for you if our schedule allows. If we are unable to come or it will take a long time we suggest you find a mechanic and we can help you talk to them and explain what you need to have done and help negotiate a reasonable price to fix the tyre. We will reimburse the cost to you later if the cause is because our tyres have worn out. We will not reimburse if the cause of the flat tyre is that:
– the air pressure in the tyre is incorrect.
– the bike carries more weight that it is supposed to. the puncture is caused by factors out of our control i.e you drive on something sharp such as a nail or piece of glass.

Please note If you replace the tyres without our approval, we will not be responsible for any charge that you claim. Please take the bike to our shop to get it done properly.

Also note that the tyres should be checked once a week and the correct air pressure maintained to avoid flat tyres.

5.7. For all the new vehicles (2017 model) covered under mechanical warranty by the manufacturer, client has to service the vehicle as per the schedule mentioned in the vehicle manual and instructed by the manufacturer. Failed to do so will lapse the warranty of the vehicle and security deposit will not be refunded!

VI. Loss / Theft / Write Off

6.1. In the event of lost / stolen / written off bikes, please inform us as soon as you can and we will: report the missing bike to the police (if you wish to) consider the bike stolen if the police do not have it. estimate the bike’s current value once it is understood that the bike is stolen. You are then at liberty to check whether this is accurate or not. request you pay for the bike. We will then give you the bike’s registration papers so that you can claim the bike should the police find it.

6.2. If the police retrieve your bike, please inform us as soon as you can so that we can get it back for you. You will be responsible for any charges incurred which may include fines, storage, or transportation.

6.3. If you park the bike somewhere and lose the ticket, please inform us as soon as you can and we will help you get the bike.

Please note that this is also very much dependent on our schedule. We will come as quickly as we can but we have to serve customers who have made an appointment before you.

VII. Returning the Bike

7.1. We can collect bikes within normal working hours (10am – 06:30 pm). If you need to return the bike outside of these hours you will have to make an arrangement with us for you to deliver the bike to our shop yourself.

7.2. We do not accept for bikes to be left with third parties (as this can be very troublesome and time consuming) or to be expected to collect bikes immediately. We need 24hrs notice to be able to arrange to collect bikes and check for any damage.

7.3. If there is any damage to the bike we will withhold the deposit until repairs are done and expect you to pay any extra costs if these are greater than the deposit.

7.4. When returning the bike it is your responsibility to check carefully for any items left under the seat as once we have the bike we will not be held responsible for these items.

7.5. If you are leaving Delhi and your flight is scheduled outside our working hours we will require you to return the bike the day before your flight so that we are able to check the bike and return your deposit in full.

VIII. Deposit

8.1. We will return your deposit in full if:
– you return the bike on time with due notice.
– you return the bike without any damage.
– you return the bike without any missing parts.
– the bike is reasonably clean.
– there is more than half a tank of petrol left in the bike (if applicable).

8.2. We will retain your deposit if:
– we are not given enough notice that you wish to return the bike.
– you do not inform us, atleast with 48 hours prior notice, that you wish to extend the rental period.
– We reserve the right to approve or disapprove your request depending upon the further schedule bookings for the same bike.
– In case of non-approved extension, rental will be charged twice of the daily rental.
– the bike is damaged.
– there are parts missing.
– the bike is with a third party.
– we are forced to collect any bike outside of working hours (10:00 am to 06:30 pm) or outside of the area that we accept to deliver to.
– A delay of 30 minutes over the rental period is permissible for the return of possession. In the case of further delay or unapproved extension, the user must pay a fine of twice of the rental plus taxes (if applicable). The charges for the time period of delay will be calculated as per usual rates given on the website.

8.3. We will return the original deposit paid to us and will not allow for any difference in exchange rate nor pay any interest on the original deposit.

8.4. In case of any major damages to the bike during your bike hire period, we will hold the deposit and cheque (if given) until all the repair work is done. Remaining balance will be refunded online via IMPS, NEFT or Paypal. After providing the final damages bill, you need to request for the refund within 7 days by sending your bank or Paypal account details through email. If we do not hear from you within the given time, your deposit will be forfeited and no refund will be made after that!

Please note if the bike needs to be washed we will retain 200 INR and if the bike has less than half a tank of petrol we will retain 500 INR of your original deposit. Unfortunately, this will force us to return your deposit in INR. We reserve the right to return your deposit in either USD or INR at the prevailing exchange rate set by RBI. However, under normal circumstances we will return your deposit in the currency that we received it in.

IX. Services that we can supply to our customers as requested : Luggage racks, bungies, 21 litres’ fuel tanks spare parts, service assistance for the first 50 kms (between 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM only except Sundays), insurance, Guide, mechanic and helper for groups, delivery and collection of bikes at designated places, 4×4 support vehicle, hotel bookings & tours, etc.

We strongly recommend that a deposit in advance is made in order to secure the bike for your travels as there is a greater demand for bikes than availability and we do not wish you to be disappointed.

Also note: that you are responsible for the daily maintenance of the bike during the period of hire, you are required to check oil levels, electrical, chain tension, tyre pressures, battery water levels, ensure that all nuts and bolts are tight. If the bike requires service or has issues then contact the name provided for servicing assistance.

Failure to have problems attended to will only cause you more problems, more delay and more expense. The clutch, gearbox, brakes, cables and piston/rings can be subject to rider abuse when care and attention is not taken. In areas of high dust levels the brakes can wear quickly, as also the air filter will become clogged. Care and attention is required so that you keep moving forward on your journey.

Please note If you have paid to fix the bike in a mechanic’s without letting us know or not letting us try to help you first, we will not be responsible for any charge that you claim.

The Royal Enfield motorcycles are robust but old technology and built in India. Do not expect these bikes to be of the standard of modern European, American or Japanese bikes. They are old world classic, they vibrate, leak oil and require regular attention as all of the 1960’s developed bikes do. These bikes are not endurance trail bikes or racing bikes, they are solid road bikes that have been used by the Indian Army and the Indian Police for nearly 50 years with great success in rough conditions. Treat the bikes with respect and they will serve you well, treat them rough and like all things, they will break.
We ensure that you start your journey with good reliable bikes; we request that you return the bikes in good condition having treated them with respect as the next traveler may suffer a major break down due to your manner of riding.

X. Insurance
Only third party vehicle insurance is provided as is required under Indian regulations. This has very limited effect as you are travelling and if you cause an accident then no one is very interested in making insurance claims. The claim is made on the driver directly and usually in the form of cash compensation. Negotiate quickly and keep moving on your journey. Full attention to what you are doing is your best insurance.

Comprehensive insurance is not generally available on most bike rentals.

Medical and Accident/Travel Insurance, ensure that you have arranged all your travel insurance prior to departure as bike riding in India and some of the places that are popular can be difficult and things do happen. Full attention to what you are doing is your best insurance.

XI. On the day you collect the bike
You will be required to complete a number of documents and show originals of your documents. The process of the hire of the bike is explained to you. Bike hire is not legal in India except in Goa and as such there is a process of the rider purchasing the bike for the duration of the tour. The documents provided at the time of renting provide evidence of purchase and ownership that satisfies police requirements. These documents would be shown to the police if requested during a police check point inspection.

XII. Documents provided
Document of collection and responsibility of the bike, contract agreement for the purchase of the bike, receipt for the money paid. There is an additional legal buy back agreement to be signed, this document remains with the bike supplier for safe keeping as having this document on your person may create difficulties with you and the police.

XIII. Documents Required

13.1 For an Indian National:
– Address proof Xerox (Voter ID, Aadhar or Passport)
– Driving License Xerox (Learning license not applicable)
– 2 Recent photos
– 1 Refundable Post dated cheque (Should be on the name of rider/rentee only)

13.2 For an Foreign National:
– Passport & Visa Xerox
– International Driving Permit Xerox
– 2 Recent photos
– Return flight ticket Xerox

Why you are signing a sale deed under buy back arrangement ?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, 59 of 1988 Reference Chapter V – Point 75 Scheme for Renting Motorcabs.

( 1 ) the Central government may by notification in the official gazette, make a scheme for the purpose of regulating the business of renting of 48[ Motor cabs or motor cycles to persons desiring to drive either by themselves of through drivers, motor cabs or motor cycles ] for their own use and for matters connected herewith.

This gazette awaits formal promulgation, till which time we rent the bikes under a “ Sale Deed Under Buy Back Agreement “ where we sell you the bike on a temporary basis, and on expiry of the rental period, buy it back from you by refunding the security deposit.

For more details, you can contact us by dialing +918800371553, +911165371553 or +919711037060. You can also write to