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All you need to know about Ladakh!

The heaven on earth “Ladakh” is a place that is the charm and allure of every traveller across the world. What is mesmerizing about the place is the evocation of the adventurous spirit on the bike with friends amidst the beautiful landscape that will help in rejuvenating from the stress of work life. A trip to Ladakh is a memorable one and can enhance the travel memoirs in your life.


Find out some of the splendid facts about Ladakh and get to know about the place in depth to enjoy its serenity:

  • Ladakh is situated on one of the highest altitude in the world

highest altitude

Do you know that Ladakh is situated on one of the highest lands in the world and includes the highest settlement in India. Apart from it what is unique about the place is that Tso –Morini Lake is one of the highest fields in the world that has the extreme limits of cultivation.

  • Ladakh is surrounded by largest mountain ranges

ladakh mountain

What add to the charming and marvellous beauty of Ladakh are the two largest mountain ranges which acts as neighbours to the pristine Ladakh. The amazing Himalayas are lying on one side while the Karakoram range on the other side that truly alleviates the feel and regime.

  • Every Biker’s Dream Destination

bikers dream destination

Being a traveller and a biker makes Ladakh a perfect destination which is cherished by the people who visit the place. For a biking expedition nothing can be as beautiful, serene and adventurous than exploring the places in Ladakh. The Khardung La Pass is the main attraction of the biking trip to Ladakh. It is considered to be as the highest motorable point on earth. You can simply book a bike on rent and cab conquer the pass with some amazing spirit. Due to Khardung La Pass thousands of bikers explore the place with an enthusiastic zeal.

  • Ladakh is a Home to 225 Species of Birds

Ladakh is a Home to 225 Species of Birds

Owing to the natural beauty and ethereal scenic, Ladakh is a home to around 225 different species of birds that make the place their homes during the season. From fliches, robins to redstarts the place also surrounds the majestic species.

  • The only highest salt water lake in the world is found in Ladakh

salt water lake

The Pangong Tso is the only highest salt water lake situated in Ladakh. What is special about the lake is the fact that it is situated between India and Tibet and eluding the geographical boundaries. A bike ride to the destination is the perfect expedition that can make you grow out as a rejoice persona. It is also the targeted place in the Bollywood industry.

  • Only cold desert with two humped camels in India is found in Ladakh

Only cold desert with two humped camels in India

Another amazing fact unique to Ladakh is the serenity of a cold desert found in India with the speciality of two humped camels that weaves the magic of the wand for the place.

  • An important attraction for science and technology

It is the home to Asia’s largest telescope and is quite an important centre for science and technology.

With so much of interesting things about Ladakh, what are you exactly waiting for? Simply book a bike on rent and start your next adventurous trip to this amazing tourist attraction and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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