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It is one of the most amazing and cherished dream to travel the beautiful mountains of Leh and Ladakh. You are not able to experience the breathtaking sights and picturesque imagination that can be felt in the mountains. The thrill and adventure can simply take you to the spree of new mountainous culture with an amicable environment. The snow melting buzz of the colourful charm and the soulful environment is the most sought after adventure.

While some are of the view that winters are the best time to visit the place when it is fully covered with the snow-capped mountains, some are in the view that summers can be encompassing and one of the best to have the breathtaking glimpse. One of the most thrilling and challenging tasks that one can experience is the Chadar Trek which is carried out on the majestic river of Zanskar.

If you are really getting confused as what can be the best time to visit Lehn ad Ladakh then all you need to do is to check the below weather and decide what can be the best time to visit Leh and Ladakh and that too on the motorbike.


With April comes the tourist season in Ladakh begins. With a lot of trek camps at Pangong Tso and Moriri Lake, all the lakes start melting and you will be offered with huge chunks of hotel discounts.  The beautiful colours and vibrancy that you can feel in the atmosphere during the season can be most compelling for you to travel.



After June the Manali highway and the Srinagar- Leh highway also opens .and you can drive on the motorbike such that you can enjoy the weather. The great ambiance will make you have the great memories and splendid experiences with your motorbike. This weather is one of the best seasons to travel across the mesmerizing mountains.


As snow started capping with the coolness in the weather, the road route is totally cut off due to heavy snowfall in the mountains. However, for the purpose if trekking many tourists people arrive with the capacity to enhance the trekking expedition as the Chadar Trek begins on the river which is almost freezed.

So, after checking out the various seasons you can determine which one suits you and your requirements. Get ready to have the most memorable experiences of your life.

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