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Where to go in April for a weekend ride!

As the temperatures are soaring up with the April season soon making the sunshine more brighter, it’s time to make your weekends all the more memorable and happening. With just a dash of your bike, you and your group of friends get ready to experience a weekend trip to some of the amazing places that will help you get the best of your memories with a lifetime.


Here are some of the places that you should explore for a weekend in April:

Auli- The Sking Land of Uttarakhand


Get ready to experience the adventure and thrill in your life by planning an amazing motorbike trip from Delhi to the rustic hilly terrains of Auli. April is considered to be one of the most amazing months to visit Auli during April. From single day trekking expeditions to relaxing yourself under the lush green trees with a landscape of snowy paradise.

Jim Corbett National Park- The Charm of Nainital

Jim Corbett National Park.jpg

Being India’s First National Park, the Jim Corbett National Park is indeed a great heaven for the wildlife enthusiasts. The place is not only to get a glimpse of mesmerizing terrains of the wildlife sanctuary but also it is a great place to spot your favourite animals like tigers, elephants, jackals etc. The museum and the famous temple is another great attraction of the place. One can enjoy activities like river slithering, river rafting, trekking etc.

Rishikesh- The Amalgamation of Spiritual and Modern


Rishikesh is the land of a spiritual magnet and has become the Yoga Capital of the World. What is better than relaxing yourself from stress and depression of work over the weekend. In order to get the best experience, you should definitely try out going on the weekend tripping to Rishikesh which is hardly 5-6 hours drive from the capital city of Delhi. From awesome river rafting, trekking expeditions, yoga meditations and crystal healing feel you can rejoice yourself in total ayurvedic spa.

Jaipur- The Pink City


The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is indeed a land where culture intersects travel. The beautiful city is an amazing travel destination with so many great attractions like Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace etc. With a motorbike and your partner, you can explore the colourful bazaars filled with the traditional jewellery and artefacts. The pink city is indeed a great weekend destination.

So, if you are planning to travel on weekend in April visiting these above 4 best cities from the capital is a perfect option. Make your travel stories more memorable with a motorbike as an accessible transport.

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