Easy riding: exploring the India by motorcycle


If you are here, reading this blog article, then surely you will be among a roadie, whose interest will be in riding bikes on the roads for a long distance, with some of the favorite friends and a classy and sporty bike. There is no better way to see India than by bike, from this article you can get a few tips for travelling in India through the bike and will feel encouraged to experience an independent bike touring.

Hire A Bike With Essentials

For your tour, you can either rent a bike or use your own, try to keep the luggage as minimum as possible. During your ride, you will surely learn how to enjoy a long-haul motorcycle ride, and will surely know that how much fantastic and adventurous this ride is.

During your ride, you can spend campsite nights and enjoy the company of villagers and strangers. There are a few basic things, which you must carry with you like your bike you must have a helmet, gloves and ensure that bike papers are complete and the bike is in perfect condition and serviced, while driving the bike try to keep the speed limit controlled and accompany with a person who can keep you motivated throughout your journey.

Choose Your Bike According to the Destination

Although any bike can be a long distance bike, but the choice of bike will purely depend on the track chosen by you. You can take the help of any online bike rental company in your zone and the bike must have strong box-section rims, which may be best for the uneven Indian roads. V-brakes are more powerful, so try to have a bike with adjustable cantilevers and simple disc brakes. Due to some steeper road holes, SRAM can be a perfect choice.

Always Carry Bike Tools

Do not forget to carry your bike tools, which should include a spanner, hand-pump, a Leatherman, tire levers, some lube and cable ties. For spares, you can carry a Powerlink, 2 tubes, a gear and brake cable and a few spare bolts. Try to keep the stuff less than 8kg, so that you can have a hassle-free and comfortable tour.

Few Useful and Considerable Tips For Exploring through Motorcycle:

  • For any trip, however national and state highways are the shorter but are neither safe nor interesting.
  • Carry less, try not to carry camp or kitchen, simply plan the trip so that you can hop from one town to another.
  • Carry a map either a GPS based on your smartphone or a hard copy of it,
  • Check your tire pressure, it must not be too much higher so that the bike bounce during the ride and not too much lower so that you’ll pinch flat.
  • Wear a helmet throughout your ride, it not only will make you protected but also will keep you away from the dust.

Start riding early in the morning and avoid a hot non-ride, especially during the summer season in India.

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