How to Pack for a Long Motorbike Ride!


Quite often the thought of a travel ends up into a large scale packing of new clothes, gadgets and eatables. But when it comes for the enduring long motorbike ride where one has to stay on roads for more than a week the packing can be a lot different than the conventional form of packing the stuff.

While planning to pack for a long motorbike ride you need to keep few things in mind in order to understand how to pack for a ride:

  1. Only pack things that are light

Remember that since you will be spending most of the time during the trip on the bike all you need to do is to pack things that are light in nature. First, prepare a list and check the weight of the things. You need to keep all the things tied on your motorbike so prepare the stuff accordingly.

  1. Only keep comfortable clothes

As you will be staying away from home and that too on road wear only those things that are comfortable for you. Packing things that are fashionable but not comfortable will do no good to you. The packing should be done with mind and not with the heart as travel on a motorbike can be an adventurous one.

  1. Pack with a strategy

Always do a bit of research and make the list of the contact details of the enroute service centers so that if you face any trouble on the road with respect to your bike you are very easily able to get the help. While packing always keep few essentials spares and tool kit that can help you to maintain the repair of your bike. Keep a pair of finger hand gloves and a torch light so that if in case any problem occurred during the trip it can be easily rectified.

  1. Compartmentalised sections in bike for packing

Another important thing is to make room for everything on your bike and for doing that you need to compartmentalised your bag so that maximum amount of stuffs can be easily packed and go with you on the trip.

The tank bag should have all the essential things required while the side bags should have tool kits and first aid kits. The main bag should also have stuffs in a manner that you know where you have kept the coloured clothes, waterproof clothes and where are your pair of footwears.

So, a smart packing is all which is required from your end while preparing for a long motorbike ride.

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One thought on “How to Pack for a Long Motorbike Ride!

  1. With a bit of forethought you can definitely pack more than you think! For shorter trips, i sometimes just take a backpack with a few changes of clothes and other bits, as well as a bag round my waist to carry extra visor and important stuff – money, passport etc.

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